Assessment & Selection Centre

Beyond the traditional interview

We offer an assessment/selection centre to support the selection of aspiring First Line Leaders. Making the right appointment is crucial and yet the selection process can sometimes lack rigour and fails to collect the relevant information. Research indicates that the traditional interview is the least reliable predictor of future performance.

With the involvement of our First Line Leader strategy group we run a series of centres throughout the year for aspiring First Line Leaders. The assessment/selection centre could also support the selection of candidates for our First Line Leader Stage 1 Development Programme.

Each potential participant will receive some structured feedback after the development centre. This feedback will also be shared with the sponsoring organisation.

Those potential participants who are not encouraged to apply for a First Line Leader position (in the short term) will be provided with some personal development coaching.

The Assessment/Selection Centre Brief – Operating over 2 days. 6 participants

Understanding some important issues around leadership.

As a group, you are expected to discuss, research and present your ideas around effective leadership.

  • Can anyone become an effective leader?
  • What do employees need from their leaders?
  • What are some of the behaviours (and actions) associated with great leadership?
  • Have you discovered any leadership models that look helpful?
  • How would you design some effective leadership development programmes?

The participants will present their findings to members of our First Line Leader strategy group. The presentation will be recorded in order to provide effective feedback.

Leadership research material will be made available to the participants and an element of coaching and support will be offered from the LDC team.

The group itself will take responsibility for planning and time management.  In terms of feedback to the participants after the event we will observe the following behaviours during the 2 days:

  • Personal energy and enthusiasm
  • Building relationships with people from other organisations
  • Helping the group to maintain progress and keep on track
  • Leading but not controlling
  • Confidence in communicating ideas to others
  • Confidence in presenting
  • Supporting other members of the group