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Being a member of the LDC provides efficient and cost-effective access to a range of resources, expertise and benchmarking opportunities. Engagement in our activities drives improvement and outstanding performance.

Feedback and evidence would indicate that engagement with the LDC leads to both marginal gains and transformational impact. The support on offer leads to a clear focus on achieving positive outcomes and indeed sharing these success stories across the membership community.

We are simply providing the opportunity to work with some great people and some great organisations. Our partners provide a range of additional resources and expertise. They quite often work directly with our member organisations in helping to deliver specific outcomes.

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We would probably all agree that the performance of our First Line Leaders (supervisors, team leaders, cell leads, shift managers) provides a significant contribution towards organisational success. The organisation needs individuals who can lead, motivate and create a positive employee engagement experience. We have all observed the consequences when FLL are displaying the wrong behaviors in the workplace. We have designed a 3 year strategy to support our member organisations with the development and engagement of their FLL community.

We offer a range of 2 hour online workshops which support individuals with their personalised development strategy. The workshops provide thought leadership and an engaging experience. Developing key skills includes our Training Club – allowing individuals to obtain feedback on the design of their planned training and development interventions. The Training Club uses the Training Cycle as a framework.

We have seen the increased use of coaching and mentoring within the workplace – increasing individual capacity and providing an alternative to more structured learning experiences and programmes. We provide a range of coaching and mentoring support activities to our member organisations. In our work with individuals we will encourage reflection and design around personal branding statements.

We offer a range of Best Practice Groups for our member organisations. An opportunity to share success stories and ask for help and guidance. Each BPG has structured input on an agreed topic. Being part of these groups increases ambition to implement new ideas. Organisational leaders from our member organisations act as sponsors for each of the subject area.

Through our partners we have a range of specialist expertise and resources which our member organisations can assess. We’ve built strong partnerships based on trust and sharing the same values. Our partners are often involved in our collaborative projects across the LDC community. Our partnership with Nissan gives us access to their training and development courses run at the Sunderland site

If, as LDC members, you need specific expertise or support around organisational development, we can provide consultancy support on a bespoke basis. This includes HR Strategy, Vision & Values, High Performance Cultures, Learning & Development Strategy, Talent Acquisition & Retention and Leadership Development. This service will be quoted on an individual basis.

The Japanese word dantotsu captures the very essence of benchmarking – striving to be the very best of the best. Our benchmarking visits create the opportunity to innovate, implement best practice and develop improvement strategies. We have learning over the years that the benchmarking process needs a very disciplined and focused approach.

Core values and beliefs

Our forums, visits, events and programmes must lead to improvement and change

The benefits of building relationships which go beyond a networking approach

Effective learning & development in the workplace will lead to improved performance and create a sense of competitive advantage

The value in sharing expertise and resources within the membership community

Investing in the relationship with our members

Supporting our member organisations to maintain shape and momentum

Learning Development Consortium

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