First Line Leader Strategy Group

Driven by Best Practice

The creation of our First Line Leader Strategy Group provides a development opportunity for those involved and indeed the opportunity to shape and influence the First Line Leader strategy within their own organisation.

Current members include a blend of organisational and operational leaders. Organisations that are currently members of the First Line Leader Strategy Group employ collectively in the region of 400 FLL.

The work of the group is driven by our 12 best practice indicators.


FLL Strategy Group – Key Features

  • Strategic and long term in nature
  • Building the relationship with Durham Business School (adding value through research activities)
  • Designing and implementing a benchmarking strategy – continuing to observe best practice around the engagement and development of FLL
  • Understanding (and observing) the link between FLL performance and organisational performance. Identifying some key behaviours that lead to excellent performance.
  • Driving improvement against the 12 best practice indicators – within their own organisation
  • The offer of mentoring & coaching support to other member organisations and their FLL
  • Providing support and resources to the FLL Development Community Steering Group
  • Annual schedule of activities
  • Annual report – outcomes and success stories