The Learning & Development Consortium

What does it mean to be a member?

It’s always an exciting time for the team when a new organisation joins the LDC. We enjoy nurturing new relationships and new members bring new stories and experiences to our community of ambitious organisations. 

The LDC operates as a membership community, made up of organisations from a range of sectors – manufacturing, education, charities, performing arts, waste management, retail, construction and logistics.

Membership provides efficient and cost effective access to a range of resources and expertise. We’ve created a culture of support, sharing best practice and delivering outcomes. 

  • Initial support to identify priorities in terms of the cultural journey
  • A welcome day for new member organisations
  • Access to our Best Practice Groups which involves 8/9 online forums per annum


  • Access to a range of benchmarking visits, programmes and workshops
  • The opportunity to present benchmarking questions and receive a meaningful response
  • Access to our partner organisations
  • Senior organisational leaders providing mentoring support to our first line leader community


Profile of an LDC member organisation:

  • Already investing in a healthy organisational culture
  • Happy to share best practice and ask for support
  • Sustainable investment in their people
  • Comfortable in hosting one of our events
  • The offer of mentoring support to individuals in our member organisations
  • Collaborative in nature and keen to build partnerships


Our current membership fees are £250.00 per annum.

The starting point for new members is that we will invest some time in considering the organisational development priorities for the new member organisation – we’ll use our cultural wellbeing indicators to identify the priorities. 

Annual membership fees cover access to our Best Practice Groups.

In the early stages of membership we’ll also a arrange a meeting/visit with an existing member organisation.

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