The Learning & Development Consortium

What does it mean to be a member?

It’s always an exciting time for the team when a new organisation joins the LDC. It becomes an opportunity to build new relationships and deliver some great work together.

The LDC operates as a membership community, made up of organisations from a range of sectors – manufacturing, education, charities, performing arts, waste management, retail, construction and logistics.


The very first activity will be to hold an online discussion with our Leadership & Delivery Team. Our time together will create an understanding of the challenges and priorities faced by each organisation. The LDC team will  also be able to describe the resources and expertise on offer. The discussion will be recorded subject to approval from the new member organisation.

At an early stage in the partnership we’ll encourage the new member to visit an existing member of the LDC. This visit presents a benchmarking opportunity, but also the chance to build collaborative partnerships. We would expect some tangible action points as a result of this event.


During the first 12 months of membership the following opportunities will be made available:

  • An online (2 hour) development workshop – bespoke to the new member organisation
  • 1 free place on one of our benchmarking visits, e.g. Nissan
  • Access to an external mentor for one employee within the organisation
  • A further review with the LDC Leadership & Delivery team. Evaluating progress to date and identifying future priorities.
  • Attendance at an onboarding event 


The first twelve months of membership is very much about building trust and developing relationships. We would also hope that all employees are fully aware of the resources and expertise on offer from the LDC. We will always focus on some initial success stories.


Profile of an LDC member organisation:

  • Already investing in a healthy organisational culture
  • Happy to share best practice and ask for support
  • Sustainable investment in their people
  • Comfortable in hosting one of our events
  • The offer of mentoring support to individuals in our member organisations
  • Collaborative in nature and keen to build partnerships


Our current 2024 membership fees are £250.00 per organisation.

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