Our Leadership & Delivery Group

We are fortunate to have such a range of expertise and strengths within our leadership and delivery team. We have worked together over many years, sharing the same values and enjoy being in service to others.

Graham Scott – The Learning & Development Consortium

Graham is the Founder of the LDC and majority shareholder. He is currently responsible for the recruitment of new member organisations and also takes the lead with our first line leader strategy.

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Mark Dewhurst – Simply Culture Ltd

An experienced organisational and operational leader. Mark drives our work around organisational culture and is our BPG lead for Building an Intentional Culture. He is passionate about helping others realise their own potential and is an active coach & mentor.

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Alex Firmin – Promethan Executive

After a successful career in the army Alex moved into the world of learning and development. Through his skills and expertise he has developed a successful business around organisational and individual development. Alex is our BPG lead for Coaching & Mentoring. 

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James Grant – Ardagh Glass

James has been a keen supporter of the LDC since the beginning of our journey. He is currently Plant Director at Ardagh Glass Doncaster. He provides leadership and direction around supporting local communities and creating agency in those communities. James also provides additional insight between professional sport and organisational leadership. He is also a mentor within the LDC community.

Laura Scott – The Learning & Development Consortium

Laura is our marketing and brand lead. She has responsibility for the LDC website, communication with our membership community, onboarding of new members and building relationships with our partner organisations. With her marketing skills she ensures a coherent and consistent brand identity. Laura has recently taken on the role of Project Manager for our Best Practice Groups.

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Graeme Wood 

Graeme had a successful career at Nissan for over 25 years. We worked closely with Graeme when he was employed by Nissan and we are delighted the relationship has been maintained after he ‘retired’ from Nissan. Graeme supports our work around continuous improvement, standard operating procedures and train the trainer programmes.

Colin Adderley

Again, we had worked closely with Colin when he was in senior training role at Nissan. Colin also decided to ‘retire’ from Nissan and he is now a member of the LDC delivery team. His skills and expertise means he can deliver in a number of different areas but we have asked him in the short term to take the lead with our BPG Safety in the Workplace. During his time at Nissan, Colin played a leadership safety role at the Sunderland plant.

Martyn Lee

Martyn was successful in leading the BSC Filters organisation for some 20 years. He also led the continuous improvement journey across the Dover Corporation Microwave Product Group – the parent company of BSC Filters. Martyn takes an active role in the delivery of our Building For The Future Programme ( BFTFP ). Martyn also provides mentoring support to FLL within the LDC community.

Tony Fitton – Geodis UK 

Tony has been a keen supporter of the LDC since our journey started. Tony is currently MD at  Geodis UK Contract Logistics. Tony is a mentor within the LDC community and brings a depth of general management skills from a range of sectors.

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