First Line Leader
Our FLL Development Experience

The LDC has been developing FLL for over 20 years. Our work with FLL is strategic in nature and feedback around this 7-day development experience is positive and consistent.

Organisations need first line leaders who can lead and create a positive employee engagement experience. The role of the FLL is challenging and our development experience sets out to equip individuals with the confidence and self-belief needed to be successful in the role.


Key Points:
  • The programme will meet the needs of both aspiring and existing FLL
  • There will a minimum of 4 benchmarking visits over the 7 days
  • The LDC delivery team will hold discussions with all the participants prior to the start of each programme
  • A more detailed schedule will be made available well in advance of the
    programme starting
  • Each development experience will operate with a maximum of 8 delegates
  • Evidence suggests 2 participants from the same organisation works effectively on each programme
  • Travelling and some overnight stays will be involved