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Ardagh Glass Doncaster Improvement Group: Effective implementation of their benchmarking experiences through the LDC

The factory operates 24hours/365 days per annum and employs 500 people. The Doncaster factory produces glass containers for Coca Cola, Fever Tree, and Nestle. A more recent investment includes a print facility for the Corona beer bottle. The factory is currently rebuilding a furnace and represents a strategic investment of around £50m.

Over the last 2 years the leadership group has supported a range of benchmarking visits for a cross-section of employees. Benchmarking visits have become a key element in their engagement and development strategies.

The benchmarking opportunities have included visits to:

  • Nissan car plant
  • Foundation of Light ( Official charity of Sunderland AFC )
  • Tong Garden Centre
  • Accrol
  • Portakabin

To ensure the effective implementation of the benchmarking findings an improvement group has been formed at Doncaster. The LDC have been tasked with supporting the group and providing some input.

The group meets on a quarterly basis with a structured agenda. Input is provided on influencing and driving improvement. The group reports on progress and identifies ongoing priorities.