Our Best Practice Groups

What they mean for you

We are looking to build on the success of our Best Practice Groups. We’ve evaluated our progress during 2023 and sought feedback from our member organisations – the overall conclusion is that everyone values face to face best practice visits and workshops. We’ll be encouraging wider engagement across the membership community, supporting individuals with their professional development, and helping everyone to build effective networks across a range of organisations.


What is a Best Practice Group?

A consistent group of like minded individuals who commit to the entire process and indeed beyond. Groups are aimed at senior, functional, and junior leads, project leads, and all team members.


Best Practice Group topics:

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Building an Intentional Culture
  • The employers brand, selection and onboarding
  • Coaching & mentoring


Based on feedback and demand we’ll consider the introduction of additional subject areas during 2024 for induction in our 2025 programme.

Each Best Practice Group is led by a highly experienced individual that will timetable virtual meetings, organise site visits and support each individual through the process. 


Pricing & Agreement:

To facilitate the visits and workshops, there will be an investment per participant of £500.00 (per Best Practice Group). Payments are to be made to The LDC during 2024 to cover participant involvement. Each member organisation will be required to sign an agreement with The LDC to commit employees to the 2024 process. This agreement commits The LDC and its member organisations to work in partnership and deliver some positive outcomes through our Best Practice Groups. Please contact us with your interest using the form below.

Click here to view and complete agreement.

Jamie Gibson, Commercial Director at Elite Plastics, shares his thoughts on our Best Practice Groups:

“I thought the event was excellent. Extremely insightful and a great introduction for Elite into the benefits that the LDC can offer us not only for the cultural benefits to its business but also for the advice from fellow consortium members.”