The Future

Our ambitious plans for the next 3 years

In 2023 we took the opportunity to reflect, refocus and reset our strategy for the next three years.

Although we’ll introduce some new initiatives, our overall strategy will be underpinned by the desire to offer excellent service and support to our member organisations.

Our three-year plan will include the development of a leadership team that ensures the long term sustainability of the LDC.

Some key ambitions

  • Recruit 12 new member organisations on an annual basis
  • Continue to invest in our school project – supporting children and their families
  • Increase the number of benchmarking opportunities
  • Building on our First Line Leaders strategy
  • Introduce a Train the Trainer infrastructure to support organisational and individual development
  • Increased activity around our cultural interventions – employers branding, selection process, onboarding and supporting employees during the first 12 months of employment


Our Best Practice Groups will also support these key ambitions. In terms of tracking and communicating progress, we’ll commit to publishing a quarterly report.

We look forward to working with new and existing members, building great partnerships, and delivering some tangible outcomes.