Hello and welcome to your guide on the LDC.

We have been operating as the Learning & Development Consortium (LDC) since 2011, founded by Graham Scott, our Managing Director.

When we created the LDC it was with the focus of simply helping organisations with the design and implementation of their Learning and Development strategy. This remains our key focus and yet we have introduced a range of new initiatives and programmes.

The LDC operates through a community of non competing organisations. Our member organisations cover Scotland, the North East of England & Yorkshire.

We have been fortunate to partner with some amazing organisations including Nissan (Sunderland) and Durham Business School and these partnerships offer the LDC some world class resources and expertise.

We hope the information on our website provides a meaningful insight into our activities and approach.

Our Core Activities:

  • A long term project which encourages an authentic investment in organisational culture
  • A regular Learning & Development forum which drives improvement against our 12 best practice indicators
  • A regular Health & Safety forum in which member organisations share and encourage best practice
  • A range of best practice research projects
  • Some meaningful work around the role, development and engagement of First Line Leaders (FLL)
  • A range of benchmarking visits
  • A range of 2 hour workshops
  • The use of Restorative Practice (RP) to build cultural strength and trust in the workplace
  • A range of 12 month programmes