Building for the Future

Identifying and developing talent at an early stage

Our programme identifies and develops individuals who have demonstrated future ambition and want to invest in themselves. This programme sets out to develop this potential whilst avoiding any promises of future progression. All the participants will go through a selection process and expectations will be reinforced during this process – the expectations of the sponsoring organisation but also those of the individual participant. A representative of the LDC will be involved in the selection process.

Selection criteria – possible indicators:

The potential candidate will be going the extra mile in terms of contribution and work ethic.

  • The individual may have missed out on previous educational and development opportunities
  • The potential candidate will have indicated their ambitions for the future
  • The individual is currently involved in an improvement initiative and is making a positive contribution
  • The potential candidate may have provided cover for a supervisor or team leader and has displayed positive behaviour and competence.
  • Interests outside of work demonstrate leadership and the desire to give something back

Programme Content:

  • Personal development plan – design and implementation
  • Receiving feedback from others
  • Mentoring support – internal and external
  • Benchmarking visits
  • Leading a continuous improvement task – achievable in nature
  • Input on leadership (written assignment to complete)
  • Continuous improvement – tools and techniques
  • Some work around effective leadership
  • Some work around basic financial and commercial understanding
  • End of programme presentation

Programme Delivery:

  • A series of workshops
  • Coaching support from immediate line manager
  • Coaching support from programme manager (LDC)
  • Mentoring support
  • Access to learning and research material
  • Support with ‘End of Programme Presentation’
  • Programme duration 12 months

Programme Outcomes – for the sponsoring organisation:

  • Improved performance and contribution from the participant
  • Greater predictability in terms of future potential
  • Measured results from the continuous improvement project
  • Improved employee engagement and discretionary effort
  • Retention of talented employees

Programme Outcomes – for the individual participant:

  • Clear sense of purpose and direction
  • An opportunity to lead and have greater influence
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Build a network of contacts (internal & external)
  • Improve their own visibility and increase their chances of progression

The cost of participating in the programme will be £1200.00 per person, arrangements can be made to pay the programme fees in instalments.

Please contact Graham Scott (07885 270271) to discuss the programme in more detail.