An innovative and challenging development programme for practising and aspiring First Line Leaders 5-day FLL Programme – followed by the group working together for a further 12 months

The LDC has been operating FLL programmes & initiatives for over 20 years. Our work around FLL is strategic in nature and our 5 day programme is one aspect of this emerging strategy. Organisations need FLL who can lead and create a positive employee engagement experience. The role of FLL is challenging and our programme sets out to equip FLL with the skills needed to be successful in the role.

Feedback received over many years indicates that our programmes also help individuals move into the FLL role – getting off to a positive start.

Our bench-marking reference point for all our FLL work is the Nissan car plant in Sunderland.

Initial 5 day programme – content

    • Bench-marking visits to Nissan, Ardagh Glass & DS Smith (Featherstone)
    • Operational excellence
    • Continuous improvement – tools & techniques
    • Training & development
    • Visual management
    • Employee engagement
    • Designing a personal development strategy – becoming a more effective FLL
    • Latest thinking on effective leadership – again becoming a more effective FLL
    • Some input on being organised & focussed (time management strategies)

    A challenging & fast moving 5 days which acts as a catalyst for further improvement – for the individual, their team and sponsoring organisation. There is encouragement and support to have a greater influence within the sponsoring organisation.

    After the initial 5 days – the Alumni Community

    On the basis that the group wish to keep on working together after the initial 5 days, we will offer development support over the next 12 months in the form of an “Alumni” community.

    • Individual coaching support around personal development strategies
    • A collaborative team project – presenting ideas and recommendations to senior leaders from each sponsoring organisation. This project will include a range of research activities
    • Continued work around effective leadership
    • Continuing to build the picture – what does it mean to be an excellent FLL
    • Further bench-marking visits

    Programme Outcomes

    • Improved self awareness for the individual
    • An individual who is committed to their own personal development
    • An individual who becomes more engaged with their own organisation and wants to make a difference
    • A greater understanding of what it means to be an excellent FLL – and becoming a role model
    • Creates a range of improvement ideas as a result of the bench-marking visits
    • Building capacity to take on a bigger role within the organisation


    There is no cost in attending the initial 5 day programme – other than £295.00 per person for the Nissan visit. The cost of participating in the Alumni community will £1200.00 per person.

Programmes in 2020

  • January 8th – 10th & 23rd – 24th