Designing your individual leadership brand

At the beginning of 2019 we will launch our leadership effectiveness and development programme.
Working with a group of around 10 individuals the programme will operate over a 12 month period

Key Features of the Programme

  1. 12 month project – commencing in January 2019
  2. A blend of individual support/coaching and workshops
  3. A process of self reflection and maintaining a development journal
  4. Designing individual leadership brands
  5. Latest thinking and research around effective leadership
  6. Identification of leadership behaviours and actions that appear to have a positive impact on followers

Delivery and content

  1. A blend of individual support/coaching and workshops
  2. Input from our partners at Durham Business School ( ICLF )
  3. Consideration of effective leadership from a followers perspective
  4. What makes people want to be leaders in the workplace – leadership identity
  5. Leadership stories from organisational leaders within the consortium membership
  6. Participants to seek 360 feedback regarding leadership effectiveness
  7. Researching and evaluating a range of leadership models
  8. A particular focus on “ servant “ leadership
  9. Access to academic material
  10. Capturing success stories from within the group – respecting confidentiality
  11. Observing organisational leadership and endeavouring to influence improvements


The cost for each participant will be £1100.00. We shall require a deposit of £250.00 per person before the programme starts in January 2019. The remaining costs can be paid over the remaining 11 months ( payment
process to be confirmed )