Supporting our member organisations

The LDC is setting out to support our member organisations during these challenging times. We are very much aware that individuals and organisations are facing their own short-term challenges. And so, whilst strictly following the instructions given by Public Health England, we will be creative and authentic in maintaining contact and providing ongoing member support in the background.

One of our core values is to invest in the relationship with our member organisations and we will be actively supporting each and every one over the coming months. 

Activities and ideas:

  • Continue to design & deliver our 2 hour virtual workshops
  • Offering a range of podcasts
  • Building on our work around employee wellbeing with the support of the team from Lets Reset
  • Continuing to support our schools project and providing resources to children & families during these challenging times
  • The introduction of Action Learning Sets

2021 marks The Learning & Development Consortium’s 10 Year Anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, we are working on a Development Festival throughout November 2021, more details to follow…

The present circumstances provide an opportunity for self-reflection and working out what really matters in life. Graham (our MD) has always taken an interest in the work of Professor Paul Dolan, a behavioural scientist working at the London School of Economics. Professor Dolan has become a renowned world expert in the concept of happiness. We would strongly recommend his latest book; Happy Ever After (escaping the myth of the perfect life). His earlier book is; Happiness by Design (Finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life). Some remarkable research around happiness that’s guaranteed to make us think differently and then take some action.

Stay positive and healthy.

The LDC team