In terms of your learning & development this is an opportunity to be strategic and focused. The forum provides encouragement and support for your organisation to view learning and development as a source of real competitive advantage.

The work undertaken is based around our learning & development bench-marking template (12 indicators of best practice)

How the forum operates

  • A regional cluster of organisations focusing on their learning & development strategy and priorities whilst also working in collaboration
  • Each organisation is represented by 2 or 3 employees at each forum.
  • Research and bench-marking material is issued on a regular basis – with reference to the 12 indicators
  • Direct support to each organisation from the LDC team
  • Best practice visits to a range of organisations
  • Best practice speakers to support agenda items
  • Regular workshops and events to support learning & development in the workplace

Annual Activity Schedule

January –

A Full day workshop where each organisation presents their learning and development strategy and also their priorities and focus for the year ahead.

March –

a workshop for line managers and training champions. The workshop will look at winning strategies for the successful implementation of learning & development in the workplace.

Full day workshop – £145 per person

April  –

A bench-marking visit for forum members. Observing an organisation that is delivering excellent outcomes in terms of learning & development in the workplace.

Full day visit (potential additional costs)

May –

A week of learning & development activities across the LDC community.

A range of activities within each organisation that reinforces the commitment to learning & development.

June –

A half day workshop as a mid year review for forum members. Reporting on success stories and identifying improvement areas for the remainder of the year.

September –

A workshop for line managers & training champions. The workshop will look at winning strategies for the successful implementation of a coaching culture within an organisation

A full day workshop ( £145 per person )

November –

A workshop for forum members which begins to look at the following year. The workshop will include  input on making the business case for learning and development. We shall also reinforce best practice in terms of the 12 indicators.

A full day workshop

January –

beginning to repeat the annual activity schedule


  • A well defined strategy for learning & development
  • Annual learning & development plan which is focused and prioritised
  • Great communications around learning and development within the organisation
  • Ongoing support from the LDC
  • Access to best practice
  • Access to learning & development material
  • A collaborative environment and sharing best practice
  • Development for those employees attending the forum
  • Measured business improvement as a result of effective learning and development