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Developing your professional skills.

Shot Blast Media is an award winning video production company based in Leeds, UK. For the last few years, we have been working together to offer training sessions to our LDC members.

Being a member of the LDC provides efficient and cost-effective access to a range of resources, workshops and expertise,


What can the LDC offer you?

The LDC offers a range of professional development for a variety of industries. 

Our Best Practice Groups are built up of a consistent group of like-minded individuals. 

Through these groups, we support individuals with their professional development and help everyone to build an effective network across a range of different organisations.


Some of our Best Practice Group topics include:

    • Safety in the workplace
    • Employee wellbeing
    • Investing in organisational culture
    • Recruitment, selection & onboarding
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Praise & recognition
    • Coaching & mentoring
    • Women in Manufacturing
    • Learning & development in the workplace

    Our First Line Leader development workshops are fantastic for professionals looking to improve their leadership skills in the workplace.


    Here are our proposed activities for this year:

      • Selection & Assessment for the appointment of FLL
      • Formation of a FLL Strategy Group – organisational leaders
      • FLL development experiences
      • Benchmarking visits
      • FLL Festivals 
      • Access to our Best Practice Groups
      • Online development workshops
      • Mentoring support


      Why is developing your professional skills important?

      Learning and development can also help foster a culture of collaboration within the workplace.

      It encourages team members to network with each other, share ideas, and work together to solve problems. 

      This kind of environment is beneficial for both employees and employers as it leads to increased productivity and creativity.

      Developing your skills in the workplace will also help you to grow faster throughout your career, therefore increasing your salary quicker and improving your chances of gaining a leadership position.

      The LDC’s relationship with Shot Blast Media has opened multiple opportunities in terms of training for their members.

      Shot Blast Media offers an in-depth video training workshop, specifically for social media video production, which LDC members can join.


      What does the video training workshop entail?

      The workshop gives a fresh and unique approach to modern video training, a workshop that companies and businesses need as much as ever in a changing marketing landscape.

      The course covers the head to toe of video production, specifically for social media. This is to help organisations get more from their own people and devices such as phones and tablets to create short and interesting pieces of ad hoc content for social media. 

      From the planning stages, to the filming, to the editing and marketing of the social content you’ll be creating, they guide you through the entire process.

      The session is very interactive and includes a mix of facilitator led content, multiple practical activities, media tips and feedback sessions.

      The course is also delivered by their video training expert David, who is currently working actively within the video and media industry.


      Why is video training an important tool?

      Creating regular content for social media purposes will help increase your engagement across channels, as well as aiding your brand awareness and sales. 

      Video content is a key marketing factor for every business, no matter what industry, and is a powerful medium that will help your consumers and target audience learn about your business, products and services.

      Are you interested in finding out more about what the LDC can offer you?


      Find out more about our professional development workshops here.

      Or get in touch with the LDC today:

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      Learn more about Shot Blast Media’s video training workshops.

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