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Supporting our school project – Family camping initiative


Over recent years the LDC has supported the children and their families at two brilliant schools in West Yorkshire.


We’ve worked with Parklands Primary School in Leeds since 2019 – building strong relationships with the teaching staff, children and parents. We also support Normanton Junior Academy. The families in the two schools face a range of challenges and life can get difficult on occasions. We continue to be amazed by their resilience, creativity and resourcefulness. The LDC wants to provide long term support, sustainable in nature and simply everyone reaching their full potential.


Our Founder, Graham Scott is currently working with a group of parents in each school, focusing on some key areas:

  • Overall wellbeing
  • Employment skills
  • Local DIY SOS projects
  • Taking up a new hobby
  • Financial skills and accessing local support
  • Healthy eating


Many families will struggle to enjoy a holiday this year, given the cost of living pressures. We want to appeal to our members, partners and network to donate some camping equipment over the coming weeks. For 2023 we’ll ask both schools to share the equipment and work in partnership to organise various camping trips. Wouldn’t it be great if each family enjoyed a camping adventure in 2023, having some fun and enjoying the outdoors.


You can pick up some great second hand bargains on tents and Go Outdoors currently have a sale. You might have some family camping equipment that is no longer used.


Could we ask that you make arrangements to send the camping equipment direct to Parklands Primary School, Dufton Approach. Leeds, LS14 6ED. In certain circumstances we might be able to collect directly from each organisation in the Yorkshire region.

Should anyone want to get directly involved in our school project then please contact Graham directly – In terms of personal development the experience is transformational in nature.


Could we thank everyone in advance for their support and we’ll keep you posted on progress


The LDC team

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