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10 Years Already!

This November, the LDC has been operating for ten years and we plan to celebrate by focussing on the important area of cultural wellbeing. This is an opportunity to really focus on developing a strong and healthy organisational culture, demonstrating leadership and a commitment to achieving this desired outcome. We’ll be creating and offering a range of programmes, workshops, benchmarking opportunities and best practice conferences.

We’ll encourage our member organisations to design and deliver their own internal activities, during November. We believe that praise and recognition are strong elements in the cultural journey and we’ll encourage some intentional acts in this area.

The culmination of November’s cultural wellbeing activities will be our own LDC 10th Anniversary Awards. We have selected the stand out moments of the last 10 years and will recognise their value and significance with 10 special awards.

Planned events for November 2021:

  • The launch of our new Train The Trainer Programme
  • First line leader two day conference
  • A range of one day best practice conferences
  • A range of benchmarking visits
  • A range of two hour virtual workshops
  • Introducing our new selection & assessment centre for the appointment of first line leaders.

We are finalising the detail for November and further information will be published in our newsletters and on the LDC website.

We have decided that 10% of all revenue generated in November will support our schools project. Our external accountants will provide a report to confirm the income received and the allocation of funds to the project.

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