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Our 10th Anniversay

We had some memorable moments!

We kicked things off with our new partner, Shotblast Media. A workshop which developed the skills and techniques used to produce high quality video footage using a mobile phone or tablet; further workshops already planned for February 2022.

The best practice visit to the Tong Garden Centre was simply excellent – again a further visit already in place.

Thank you to one of our FLL development groups who ran a workshop around employee engagement; new insights, great research and some practical recommendations.

In early December we launched a new project – Women in Manufacturing. The initial workshop was held online and saw great discussion and engagement. We agreed to clarify our focus and objectives for the project and our next discussion will take place in January. A project with real potential!

We are thrilled to report that we’ve selected the organisations and individuals who have won one of our specials awards to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

We’ll be contacting everyone in January and organising an awards event in March.

Watch out for further news…

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