Standard Operating Procedures

In partnership with Nissan Manufacturing UK

We have worked closely with Nissan Manufacturing UK over recent years and have now designed this “standardisation” support programme for consortium organisations. The design and use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) lies at the core of the continuous improvement strategy for Nissan.

Key Features of the Programme:

    1. 12 month project 
    2. 6 consortium organisations working in collaboration
    3. 3 individuals from each organisation participating in the project
    4. The creation of “standardisation” champions within each organisation
    5. Designing SOP to suit the needs of each organisation
    6. Sharing success stories
    7. The creation of an audit process – to suit the needs of each organisation
    8. The creation of a strong culture around “standardisation”
    9. Tracking improved performance through the introduction of SOP (and safety performance)
    10. Direct support from Nissan to each organisation – combined with visits to the Sunderland plant

Delivery and Content:

  1. The programme will commence with Nissan visiting each organisation to assess the current approach to “standardisation” and beginning to identify improvement opportunities
  2. At an early stage in 2021 all participants will attend a 3 day basic skills workshop in SOP writing
  3. Creating a cohesive story – how “standardisation” supports the overall strategy for continuous improvement
  4. Leading change – winning support for the “standardisation” strategy.
  5. An effective audit process
  6. The use of SOP to support training in the workplace
  7. Ongoing coaching & support from Nissan
  8. Final workshop/conference to determine progress, share success stories and identify improvements for 2022. 
Graeme Wood from Nissan will be our main contact over the 12 months. In working with Graeme we will obviously observe other areas of operational best practice at Nissan. 


The cost for each organisation will be £3000.00, which allows 3 people from each organisation onto this programme. Organisations can pay monthly instalments during the first 6 months of the programme.