Case Study: BSC Filters – Benchmarking visit to Nissan, Sunderland

On the 12th of March 2018, we took a delegation from BSC Filters York, and some of their colleagues from the United States on a benchmarking visit to the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

After the visit, Neil McDonnell, the Director of Operational Excellence at BSC Filters had this to say:

“When I mentioned to Graham that our three sister companies from the United States were visiting to share best practice and improve our processes, he had no hesitation in suggesting a benchmarking visit to Nissan (Sunderland).
The agenda at Nissan was steered to meet our specific areas of interest and deployment of strategies and objectives, standardisation and set up reduction.

After our visit to Nissan we stopped off for dinner on the way back to York and took the opportunity to capture our collective thoughts on a flipchart (we just couldn’t help ourselves). Our one learning was that we should constantly audit our processes and new initiatives through improved leader standard work. No auditing no sustainment, was the refrain from Nissan.

This was great learning from our Nissan visit, and I’m sure we shall refer to it for years to come. Thank you Graham. You always make the organisation of these learning opportunities look effortless.”

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