Graham is the founder and owner of the Learning & Development Consortium.

He has been involved in the development of first line managers (FLM) for over 20 years and will lead in this area for the LDC. The LDC’s relationship with Nissan and Durham Business School has been created through Graham and these organisations will support our work around FLM.

The LDC supports young people and Graham provides this mentoring and encouragement in his own time – particularly with his old school in Hartlepool. He has a very clear vision for the LDC in this important area.

Graham facilitates our regular L&D forums and brings a range of expertise to this process – he is currently providing direct support to a number of LDC organisations. This includes being a member of the ’People SLT’ for one of our large corporate members.

For the last 20 years Graham has also delivered on a range of post graduate programmes, including at MBA level.  Other areas of experience would include personal development, employee engagement, organisational trust and leadership development.

With his passion and enthusiasm for learning and development, Graham is well placed to lead the LDC.